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 from Our Team in West, North, North West London and Hertfordshire.

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Discover the benefits of our powerful, environmentally friendly method of reach and wash cleaning.  Based in in West, North, North West London and Hertfordshire, our team pump 100% purified water through state-of-the-art water-fed cleaning equipment to deliver a revolutionary service, leaving your hard-to-reach windows sparkling clean, with no smears or stains. All free quotations include cleaning window sills and frames.

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Using our extendable water-fed pole, we are able to reach even the most difficult to clean windows. Pumping water directly from our van, we use a specially adapted brush to clean your windows, frames, and sills. Whether you have a small flat or a large office to clean, our reach extends to 65 feet (or 5 to 6 floors) above ground level. This enables us to clean windows, cladding, panelling, signs, fascias, and canopies, all with outstanding results.

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in West, North, North West London and Hertfordshire, for further details about water-fed reach and wash cleaning.

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