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More than just window cleaning, Direct Window Cleaning Services offers an array of reliable cleaning services throughout Hertfordshire and North,West &North West London. From gutter cleaning to solar panel cleaning, our team  are happy to meet all your needs. To obtain a free quotation for any of our services, get in touch to tell us about your requirements, including pictures if required.

Solar Panels

While solar panels are a great clean energy solution, they get dirty just like a window. Due to their positioning, they may attract dirt, dust, pollen, tree sap, and bird droppings. Just a few grams of dirt and dust per square metre may reduce your solar panels’ efficiency by half.

To avoid damage to your panels or the roof of your property, most of our panel cleaning services are carried out from ground level. Using a soft brush attachment designed specifically for use on solar panels, we apply lab grade de-ionized water to provide a complete clean. This unique cleaning system will allow you to maintain efficiency and protect your investment!

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